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AllMyNotes Organizer 2.56

Keep all your work and personal notes perfectly structured

AllMyNotes Organizer helps you keep all sorts of notes perfectly organized in a tree-like structure – a much better solution than keeping scraps of paper scattered all over your desk. View full description


  • Nice, customizable interface
  • Includes password generator
  • Notes can be perfectly organized in a folder structure
  • Rich-text editor for notes


  • Once the 14-day trial period is over, the program is a bit too limited


AllMyNotes Organizer helps you keep all sorts of notes perfectly organized in a tree-like structure – a much better solution than keeping scraps of paper scattered all over your desk.

The interface in AllMyNotes Organizer features a classic design, with a sidebar on the left and a main area where the selected element is displayed – and it can be easily customized with skins. The top toolbar includes a dozen colorful icons that point to the program’s various tools and utilities, among which you’ll find a password generator, a powerful built-in search and a reminder function.

All the notes you create in AllMyNotes Organizer can be saved into different folders and subfolders, making them easier to handle and browse. Also, each folder and note has a distinctive icon so that you can find them more quickly, and notes can be password protected for extra security. The AllMyNotes Organizer note editor supports rich text editing, and the program lets you export data to a few formats: RTF, HTML and TXT.

Summing up, AllMyNotes Organizer is a handy note management tool that’s surely going to help you be more organized and productive. AllMyNotes Organizer also works great as a tool to remember all those phone numbers, email addresses and lists you usually jot down in paper notes. Too bad half of these features are disabled once the 14-day trial period is over!

AllMyNotes Organizer helps you organize, manage and protect all sorts of notes in a nicely designed interface.


  • French language updated to include newly added strings
  • German language updated to include newly added strings
  • Swedish language updated to include newly added strings (really a lot of new strings)
  • Auto-backups improvements. As we've discovered, many users where confused by numerical backups that AllMyNotes creates. Though backups are highly important for data safety, we've improved them in a following way: (1) a separate folder "AllMyNotes Organizer - Backups" is created for backups, so it's easy to identify them, older backup files will be moved there automatically on doing next backup; (2) default backups interval reduced from 5 to 8 hours; (3) number of days to keep backups is reduced from 7 to 3 days
  • Improved mouse-free navigation using keyboard only. Particularly, now to leave a single-line edit control enough to press up/down arrow. For example, you can use it in Global search window to quickly go to search results list
  • Slightly changed behavior of Global Search window - if to press the Enter key when search result list is in focus, it will focus selection on that that item in hierarchy tree, while when the focus is outside the results list, filtering will be applied (just as before)
  • It was too easy to start drag&drop in tree view unintentionally if to miss the scrollbar and hit close to it, now area which is close to scrollbar is excluded from drag&drop (+/- 4 pixels)
  • Improved some skin painting routine. Particularly we've a much better algorithm for colors manipulations - using HSL color model
  • Fixed issue with unintentional main menu highlighting on pasting text using the Ctrl+Alt+V key combination (was bit annoying)
  • Fixed import from KeyNote. Empty notes where ignored, while need to import them if the caption is present
  • Fixed issue with selecting default skin from main menu (it was possible to select it via Options screen).
  • Fixed issue with tree hyperlink caption text - an unneeded ending quote was added to it
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements
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AllMyNotes Organizer 2.56